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Sales and product


Fire Detectors
Rate-of-rise, Fixed-temperature, Photo electric, Lonization, Flame, Explosion proof, Water Proof, Separated, Analog, Special, Single station detector

Manual Call Set
P-type 1 class call Point, Alarm Bell, Indication Lamp, Strobe

Exit Lights
Exit, Pathway, Seat for a Guest, Emergency Light, Potable, Emergency Light ect.

Fire Receiving Apparatus
P- type Control Panel (Basic, Complex, Special Type)
R-type Control Panel (R, GR, Intelligent Type)
Total Fire Protection Center, CRT Unification Control Panel, Fire Fighting Equipment Control, Control Panel for Fire Fighting Gas, Emergency Power Supply Unit, Storage Battery, Power Supply Unit for Transponder.

Installation Works

Fire Extinguishing Mechanical Works
Installation of Foam Hydrant Box in In-door & Out-door.
Installation of Sprinkler System.
CO2, NAF III, Halon Gas System.
Foam Fire Extinguishing System.
Powder Fire Extinguishing System.

Fire Protecting Electrical Works
Installation of Automatic Fire Detecting System.
Installation of Escape & Indicating System.
Electrical Work for incidental Work to Fire Extinguishing System.
Electrical Work for incidental Work to Smoke Extinguishing System.
Installation of Total Fire Protection Center.
Assist Work for Wireless Phone System.

Other related Fire Protection Works
Fire Protection System Works for Special Plant, Intelligent Building